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Congresses in Cannes


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MIDEM Reservations

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MIDEM: The World's Music Market - 40th edition
What: World Music Exhibition
5 days
Number of delegates: 10 000

Midem’s music conference brings you to the heart of this ever-evolving industry. It enables people involved in the music industry to discover new sounds and services, explore business opportunities, learn about tomorrow’s industry, make deals, enjoy live music…. and party!

MIPIM Reservations

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MIPIM: The World's Property Market
What: Real Estate International trade show.
Month: March
Duration: 5 days
No of attendees: 18 000 from 2051 companies

MIPIM is The World's Property Market where property advisors, developers, regional authorities, investors and corporate end-users can gather information about new building projects and initiate deals and partnerships.

MIPDOC: The International Showcase for Documentary Screenings
What: The documentary programme showcase
March/ April
2 days
Number of participants: 1000 participants from 386 companies & 61 countries.

A relaxed two-day event in the lead-up to MIPTV GLOBAL CITY is a new forum bringing together urban decision-makers from the public and private sector to explore the complex issues affecting city development, and exchange concepts of best practices in conferences and meetings.

MIPTV Reservations

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MIP TV featuring MILIA: The World's Audiovisual Content Market
What: MIP TV - World’s premier audiovisual market.
MILLIA - World’s largest interactive content forum for TV, mobile &broadband.
5 days
No of delegates:
12 000 delegates from 99 countries

The World’s Audiovisual and Digital Content Market. Attracting all the global movers and shakers in the world of television. An annual event reflecting everything shaping television today. An ideal context for negotiating programme rights, co-productions and partnerships

Film Festival Reservations

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Cannes Film Festival
What: International Film Festival
Month: May
10 days
No of attendees:
30 000

The Cannes Film Festival is a prestigious forum for all styles, schools and genres of film. As well as being the most special place for film industry professionals to meet, the Festival is especially attentive to the talent of artists that contribute to the growth of the medium.

Cannes Lions Reservations

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Cannes Lions Advertising Festival
What: The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival
Month: June
Duration: 7 days
No of attendees: 75 countries

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is the only annual gathering of the world's advertising, creative, direct marketing, interactive, film, radio, media, sales promotion and marketing communities.

Cannes Boat Show Accommodation Reservations

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Cannes Boat Show
What: Yacht and Sailboat show in Cannes
Month: September
Duration: 5 days
Size: 50 000 visitors, 650 Yachts!

For exhibitors from the luxury yachting and pleasure boating community this is the industry's priority event. For visitors to the show it's a great day out. You will be one of 50,000 other boating enthusiats that will visit the show and you can expect to see 450 boats in water - including 360 motor boats and 90 sailing boats - and 200 boats on land.

MIPCOM Reservations

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MIPCOM: The World's Audiovisual Content Market
What: TV Program market
Month: October
Duration: 5 days
No of attendees: 11 000 from 522 companies representing over 95 countries.

MIPCOM is where mobile networks, character licensors, merchandisers and advertising companies, producers and distributors build alliances for the future; existing producers find new sources of revenue.

Tax Free Reservations

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Tax Free World Exhibition
What: The Tax Free World Exhibition
Month: October
Duration: 5 days
No of attendees: 5289 people from 2638 companies

TFWA World Exhibition brings together the industry's most prestigious luxury brands and attracts thousands of key buyers, airport authorities, agents, distributors and journalists worldwide. The exhibition is the industry's key event for recognising new trends & acquiring a global view of the international market. TFWA WORLD EXHIBITION is the annual international forum for the duty free and tax free industry.

Mapic: The International Market for Retail Real Estate
What: Market for International Real Estate
Month: November
Duration: 3 days
Number of delegates: 6 458 delegates from over 55 countries

The benchmark event for the world’s retail real-estate professionals. MAPIC is the leading market for the expanding industry of international retail real estate. It attracts all the key players, creating a unique community in one place at one time. MAPIC provides an exclusive platform for companies to showcase new concepts and developments,

International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM)
What: The International Luxury Travel Market
Month: December
Duration: 3 days
Number of delegates: 52 countries

The Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) is the only global trade event dedicated to enabling specialist luxury travel buyers from the world’s top 52 outbound countries to meet with the worlds leading luxury travel suppliers. Specialists in the luxury travel market have very specific needs which cannot be satisfied by their mainstream counterparts. It is therefore a trade medium that is focused exclusively on this sector.

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