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The terms and conditions of this special offer are fairly simple.

You will be bound under the normal Terms & Conditions of a rental as they apply to your responsibilities and care of the apartment.

A full copy of our Terms & Conditions is available online here - http://www.everythingcannes.com/terms.php

The difference applies to PRICE, which is where you get to decide!

Under normal circumstances, the price would be in the contract. Under the terms of this offer, there will be NO PRICE in the contract so you remain responsible for taking care of the property, of course, but there is no financial aspect to the rental.

Added to that, these 3 special conditions will apply.

1. You will be required to pay the Service Charge for the rental. How much this is is dependant on the Size of Property, Number of people, and what level of service you require. DEFAULT is Bronze

Full Info on Servicing - http://www.everythingcannes.com/services.php#service

2. You will be required to register a valid Credit Card to stand against any Damages that may be caused, which is normal practise. No charge is made if no damages are made!

3. You will be required, before or on departure, either to have a conversation with your local Guest Support Representative or if you have not got time for that, at least to complete a form which stats how much you wish to pay, and a very brief explanation of why you have chosen that figure.

If this conversation is not had, nor the information provided to our office it wil be assumed that you have chosen to pay the Asking Market Rate, and you will be charged as such.

NOTE: Point 3 is designed simply for transparency with the  Property Owner. You will not be asked to enter into conversation about it, your decision is final and will be respected!